Medical Help

While there is no consensus in treatment methods within the medical community, much work has been done to individualize treatments based on many medical factors. With simple tests, doctors can achieve some success in treating depressive disorders with medications or from alternative treatments. Studies are underway in many universities to improve treatment methods for those suffering from depressive disorders. If you live in the areas of Nashville, TN or Tucson, AZ and have interest in participating in treatment studies, please fill out the attached form. The form will be forwarded to the university in your area. If you fall into a category for a current study, the university will contact you directly for further evaluation.

Be aware that some medications work for some people. For others, the same medication gives no real benefit. All medications currently have serious side effects. Be aware of those side effects. Avoid, if at all possible, medications that have the side effect of causing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. If you or your loved one receives no benefit from the medication, you can still suffer the results of the side effects. Talk to your doctor immediately should side effects become evident. If these side effects begin to appear, and you cannot reach your doctor, go immediately to a competent medical emergency care facility and tell them of your symptoms. If symptoms are severe and you cannot get to an emergency care facility, call 911. Don't put yourself or your loved one at further risk. Act immediately.