In Memory of Ashton Richardson Mayberry



At age 21, after a difficult struggle with depression, Ashton Richardson Mayberry, with his mind broken, lost the ability to see the good in himself, and took his own life. A gentle and kind young man with a history of serving others, he was loved by all who knew him, but lost the ability to see the good that he did for family, friends, and those he served.

Ashton was born in Rockford, Illinois. In his early childhood, his family relocated to a rural community in Southeastern Arizona where he completed first through twelfth grades. An Eagle Scout, a two sport athlete in high school (football and basketball), he also excelled academically. At the time of his death, he was preparing to attend college, after having served a successful mission for his church in Fiji.

Depression is no respecter of persons. It led a good young man, loved by so many, to a place where he could not cope, and where too many have suffered, and too many have died.